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40cr steel tube market trends

40cr steel pipe in machine processing and auto parts processing, and many other have outstanding performance, so it still has a mobile market. 40cr alloy prices will remain stable in the near future, many stock markets have maintained close interaction. Shipments of some time ago, many enterprises still have a stock of hundreds of tons.
Now the production capacity of the steel market in China is making great improvements in technology, production companies have formed a high consensus. Only by improving the quality of production, to ensure that steel prices the market no longer appears before the downturn, and even industry-wide losses and capital chain tension is very bad. Because doing this can lead to the steel industry can once again absorb the blow. So there are no large losses in steel plants under production must take the time to improve the quality of the steel, the production efficiency can be improved in order to better enable 40cr alloy continuous development.

40cr steel pipe mechanical properties and heat treatment
40cr alloy chemical composition is c, Si, Mn, Cr, mainly on the basis of carbon structural steel adding alloying elements, improving the mechanical properties of the steel, alloy tube is hollow for the transmission fluid, commonly used as a petroleum, natural gas, water and gas pipelines. 40Cr alloy tubes with new steel or steel bending resistance than has the same distortion characteristics, and lightweight, economical and practical. According to the cross-sectional shape of alloy pipe into pipe and tube, because the same round the perimeter of the area’s largest, with circular tubes can carry more, so the vast majority of steel pipe.
Alloy during heat treatment is an important process, whose role is to tap the metal performance, improve steel properties and so on, because the internal organizational structure of metallic materials special, so using different heat treatment processes, including different heating temperature and holding time, cooling rate, and so on. 40Cr steel pipe by direct quenching method for corrosion protection, formation asked the mechanism is maintained network of ferrite.
40cr steel pipe features where is
In many types of alloy, 40cr steel pipe is also developing good products. This product is marked: 40cr, that is because it was inserted in the casting process: carbon, Silicon, manganese, chromium-substances. Distribution of these substances in the small, this is more difficult to control standard, products produced under this standard, has a lot of hardness and flexibility, is not easy to break or do not damage easily.
In a steel structure, use this 40cr steel pipe, it can firmly form a variety of structures, and is in use with rust and corrosion properties. For many specialized steel, their fronts are called a variety of names or symbols to indicate its particularity. 40cr steel pipe is a steel, has a better performance. After tempering of 40cr steel pipe, can be very good stability, low temperature impact and hardenability, the hardenability in high temperature quenching, beautiful strong is not easy to break, and difficult to crack, is one of a steel structure. 40cr steel tube production standards, suitable for use in a variety of transmission parts, such as drive shafts, gears, and so on.

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