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Stainless steel industry is a new industry, originated in the early 1980 of the 20th century, after 20 years of expansion and exploration, is quite well known and influential in the domestic market.

Current production is more than more than 130 enterprises, has a good momentum of development, expansion. Perforation equipment industry as a whole 38. Cold rolling, cold-drawn equipment more than 500 sets, smelting equipment, 6, all the secondary refining, compared to other equipment is complete. The productive capacity of enterprises and the scale has been expanded and enhanced. 2001-production value over 5 billion enterprise, Star enterprise, more than 10 enterprises was named City, district. In order to ensure the quality of products, hydraulic, Eddy current and ultrasonic flaw detection, direct-reading spectrometers and other analytical equipment are constantly increased and improved. 2001 sampling by the superior technology supervision departments, rate of 80% per cent. With all kinds of high intermediate engineers, technical and management staff of more than 300 people, is embarking on a standardized production and management of the enterprise track. Stainless steel industry mainly produces stainless steel tubes and stainless steel rods, varieties, specifications, model has reached more than 400 species. 2001 stainless steel sales of 1.715 billion yuan, up to 106,000 tonnes. Stainless steel rod 222 million Yuan, output 2, 110,000 tons, the State taxes up to more than 100 million Yuan. Steel exports also increased in 2001 to 5000T, export volume this year is expected to 8000~10000T, has 10 branches enterprises the self-support import and export right. Stainless steel pipes exported to Southeast Asia, dozens of countries and regions of the European Union, appreciated by foreign businesses and users.
Stainless steel pipe industry turned out to be a blank, developed rapidly, expanding, but production there is a gap, still cannot meet the needs of the domestic market. Future development thinking and practice of the stainless steel industry is:
? More products as the Center, strengthen internal management, improve the scale and grade as the target, and further raise the profile of stainless steel tubes and enterprise, enterprises are encouraged to group development, strengthening the introduction and training of technicians and management personnel, strengthening the construction of equipment, guarantee and improve product quality.

? The road to brand development, quantity of stainless steel industry and entrepreneurs credit, creating brand awareness in China.
? Stainless steel tubes production parks, compact stainless steel manufacturer, size, grade, a faucet, a brand-name, formed a group of production by way of merger, affiliation, such as equity participation, joint, realize the Zhejiang Provincial Economic and Trade Department of “development” planning objectives.
? Good stainless steel professional market. Stainless steel industry is developing rapidly, but since there is no certain amount of specialized market, cannot bring all corners, so manufacturers can only set up operations across the country, both increased costs and hinder the development of enterprises. Completed professional market, production, sales and service in one, will make the manufacturer really stand behind, to the country, and out of the country.
This type of steel can be divided into stainless steel seamless and welded stainless steel pipes (welded tubes) two categories, according to the different manufacturing processes
By: hot rolling, extrusion, cold drawn and cold rolling of several basic types, according to section there are circular and shaped tubes, is widely used in circular steel tubes, but there are square, rectangular, semicircular, Hexagon, triangle, Octagon and other special-shaped stainless steel pipe.
Under the pipe of hydraulic fluid pressure test to test their ability to bear and quality under pressure without leaking, wet or expansion to grade, some steel tubes according to standards or demand-side requirements for crimping test, flaring test, flattening test.
Also known as stainless steel seamless pipe seamless stainless steel tubing, is made from perforated or solid billet of steel ingot capillary, then made of hot-rolled, cold-rolled or cold drawn. Number of specifications * outer diameter wall thickness mm seamless steel tube.
201 stainless steel–S20100 (AISI.ASTM)
304 stainless steel full SUS304 stainless steel tubes
SUS304 stainless steel pipe belonging to United States stainless steel grade tubes, domestic grade equivalent of 0Cr19Ni9 stainless steel tube, usually replaced by 0Cr18Ni9.

Stainless Alloy Steel Pipes
Stainless Alloy Steel

Stainless steel rust-proof mechanism of alloying elements to form potential, no longer have the oxidizer transfer electronic capabilities.
304 rusting phenomenon in a material, probably for several reasons:
? Use of chloride in the environment.
Chloride ion is widespread, such as salt and sweat track, water, wind, Earth, etc,. Stainless steel in the presence of chloride ions in an environment and corrosion soon, even more than ordinary carbon steel, chloride ion and Fe alloy element form complexes, Fe was potential to lower, then was claimed by oxidants electrons and oxidation.
So the use of stainless steel environmental requirements, and the need to frequently wipe, remove dust, clean and dry.
Stainless steel is a molybdenum stainless steel 316 and 317 species. Molybdenum content in just over 316 317 stainless steel stainless steel. as 316 stainless steel with molybdenum, overall performance than the 310 in the steel and 304 stainless steel under high temperature conditions, when sulfuric acid concentration is less than 15% and is higher than 85%, 316 stainless steel with a wide range of uses. 316 stainless steel with good corrosion resistance to chloride, commonly used in the marine environment.

Stainless steel tube with the socio-economic development, its application has been widely popular. In various fields will bring new changes.
Stainless steel pipe theory, weight formula: w = (OD-wall thickness) x0.02491x length x wall thickness, w units are kg, units are mm outer diameter, wall thickness, length metres (m).

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