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Seamless pipe, steel square is four angle, by cold drawing seamless tube extrusion forming of square steel tube, seamless tube and welded square tube is essentially the difference. Steel pipe is hollow section, used as a large number of fluid transporting pipeline.

Seamless Square Steel Tubes Cold Drawn Processing

Basic introduction:

Compared with steel and round steel solid steel, the torsional strength of bending is same, general weight is light, is a kind of economic section steel, widely used in the manufacture of structural parts and mechanical parts, such as the oil pipe, automobile transmission shaft, the bicycle frame and steel construction with scaffold. Manufacturing of circular parts with a pipe, which can improve the utilization rate of material, simplify the manufacturing process, material saving and working hours, such as rolling bearing ferrule, Jack sets etc.. 2013 has been made of steel pipe. Steel tube or all kinds of conventional weapons indispensable material, barrel, barrel to steel pipe manufacturing. According to the different shape of pipe cross-sectional area can be divided into circular pipes and fittings. Because the circumference equal conditions, can be more use of circular pipe conveying fluid. In addition, circular cross section under internal or external radial stress, the stress is uniform, therefore, most of the steel tube is pipe.

The main process:

Seamless Square Steel Tubes Cold Drawn Processing process:

Tube blank test — — — — peeling test heating — — — — perforation pickling grinding lubrication dry welding head cold drawn — — — — — solid solution pickling pickling passivation — — — — cold rolling oil inspection head cut — dried — — — in polishing outer polishing test — Identification — the product packaging

Seamless tube process

Steel pipe blank test — — — — — — perforated heating sizing flat hot — — — — ball annealing pickling test — — — — cold drawing forming homogeneous export inspection

The general difference:

A, welded tube is a square hollow section steel tubes, also known as the hollow of cold-formed steel. It is rolled or cold-rolled strip or sheet for the blank shape by the cold bending process after the steel welding made of square cross section shape and size of the high-frequency.

Thick wall thickening in addition to external situation, the corner edge size and flatness are achieved even more than the level of resistance to cold forming of square tube, R angle size is generally between the wall thickness of 2 times -3 times. Also can according to Inside Hexagonal Seamless Steel Pipes, production of customer desired size R angle square;

Two, square tube seamless pipe is a hollow section, no surrounding joint strip steel. It is with the seamless tube extrusion mold surface formed by 4 square tube, square tube with hollow section, used as a large number of fluid transporting pipeline. Mainly used in liquid conveying, hydraulic support, mechanical structure, low pressure. High pressure boiler tube the heat exchange tube, gas, oil and other industries. He is. The more solid welding, cracks will not.