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The automotive industry

Is mainly using stainless steel exhaust system, total volume of automobile stainless steel 1/2, 80% ferritic stainless steel. By exhaust emissions from engine intake manifold, front pipes, hoses, switches, Central tube finally comes out of the muffler. Common steel grades 409L,436L and exhaust systems. Mostly used car muffler stainless steel welded pipe. According to estimates, to stainless steel tube for automobile accounted for approximately 1.5% of whole and raw materials for stainless steel pipe, stainless steel seamless and welded pipes used around 2:1

Petrochemical industries including chemical fertilizer industry
On stainless steel tube of demand great, the industry main using stainless steel seamless tube, specifications including: 304, and 321, and 316, and 316L, and 347, and 317L,, od in ¢ 18-¢ 610 around, wall thick in 6mm-50mm around (General is selection specifications in φ 159mm above of in the low voltage conveying pipeline), specific application field for: furnace tube, and material conveying tube, and hot Exchange device tube,.
Fluids such as water and gas transport
Stainless steel pipes and water equipment, are the Foundation of the world’s most advanced water purification materials, its corrosion resistance strong, cast iron, carbon steel pipe, plastic pipe, and cannot be compared.
The preparation, storage, transportation, water purification, recycling, desalination and water industry best selection. Annual demand of about 25000 tons.
Equipment manufacture and maintenance
Annual consumption 20000 tons of stainless steel tubes. These industries mainly uses health or antibiotic stainless steel tube. Imported SUS304, 316L production of seamless tubes, health, food, bio-pharmaceutical field media to meet the special requirements. Antibacterial property of antibacterial stainless steel with stainless steel advantages and good, kitchen equipment, food industry, tables and utensils, medical equipment, daily life utensils and towel stand, increasing demand in areas such as the refrigerated carrier.
Apply suction, for solids such as powder, chips and pellets
For gaseous media

For industrial dust collection and suction equipment, air conditioning and ventilation systems
Use as a durable protective tubes
Used in the manufacture of mechanical components and structures
For a variety of conventional weapons, gun barrels, shell
If people are living spaces with the human body, living spaces laying pipes are like blood vessels and nerves. Supply of drinking water, pipes and fittings, choice is crucial. In this regard, I recently visited the stainless steel Council of China special steel Association experts.
Experts believe that most water pipes used in construction is concealed works well and pipeline project, if improper material selection, according to expert estimates, will give investors cause economic damage to pipe material itself 10~20 times the value. Selection of pipe materials is also a barometer of industrial development and progress of water. 5 water supply pipe material selection principles: reliability, economy, health, energy, sustainable development, several characteristics of this Green pipe, pipe only to meet these principles are really good pipe.

Comparison of strength
Water is the most commonly used stainless steel 304 and 316 stainless steel, they are able to meet the vast majority of water treatment and delivery conditions.

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