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Welding of stainless steel pipe you need to know:

1. vertical characteristics of power supply, positive to DC (flux-cored wire electrode)
2. suitable for 6mm thin plate welding, weld forming beautiful, small amount of welding deformation characteristics
3. shielding gases are argon, is 99.99%. When the welding current is 50~50A, argon gas flow for 8~0L/min, when 50~250A is current, argon gas flow for 2~5L/min.
4. tungsten electrode protruding from the gas nozzle length, with 4~5mm;, and in fillet welding shielding poor place is 2~3mm, grooves deep is the 5~6mm, distance between nozzle and work no more than 5mm.
5. in order to prevent the emergence of the welding porosity, welding parts such as rust, oil, be sure to clean up.

6. welding arc length when welding steel, with 2~4mm;, and when welding stainless steel, with ~3mm;, long protected well.
7. butt at the end of play, to prevent the bead at the bottom back of the oxidation, gas needs to be put on the back.
8. in order for the argon gas is good to protect the weld pool, and facilitates welding operations, at the center line of the tungsten electrode and the welding workpiece should be kept at 80~85 degrees, angle between the filler wire and workpiece surface should be as small as possible, generally around 0 °.
9. wind-proof and ventilation. Windy place, be sure to take measures to screen, and ventilation of the Interior should take appropriate measures.
Stainless steel MIG welding points and points for attention:

1. characteristics of welding power, reversed polarity when DC (flux-cored cathode)
2. General use pure argon (purity of 99.99%) or Ar+2%O2 traffic to 20~25L/min is appropriate.
3. arc, MIG welding of stainless steel, usually down welding spray transfer conditions, voltage level to adjust the arc length in 4~6mm.
4. wind-proof. MIG welding is vulnerable to effects of wind, sometimes the breezes and porosity, so wind speed is above 0.5M/sec, precautions should be taken.
Stainless steel flux-cored wire welding points and points for attention:

1. flat characteristic welding power source using negative polarity DC welding. CO2 welding machine can weld in General, but the pressure please loose wire wheel.
2. protection of gas into carbon dioxide gas, gas flow to 20~25L/min is more appropriate.
3. solder the distance between the nozzle and the workpiece to 5~25mm is appropriate.
4. dry elongation, average welding current of 250A of the following about 5mm,250A more about 20~25mm is appropriate.

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