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Stainless steel details and working processes and differences and relations and classification

Details GB GB/T14976-2012 (fluid transport stainless steel seamless pipe), GB/T14975-2012 (stainless steel seamless tubes for structures), GB/T13296-91 (stainless steel seamless tubes for boilers, heat exchangers), decorated with a welded stainless steel pipe (GB/T 18705-2002), decorative stainless steel welded pipe (JG/T 3030-1995), are subject to stringent...
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Atmospheric corrosion resistance of stainless steel and stainless steel products and typical uses of stainless steel

Atmospheric corrosion of stainless steel Experience has shown that the atmospheric corrosion varies by region. For illustration purposes, it is recommended that divided the region into four categories, namely: rural, urban, industrial and coastal areas. Country is essentially pollution-free area. Low population density of the...
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Classification and characteristics of stainless steel and stainless steel stainless steel resistant to corrosion

Stainless steel characteristics Air, steam, water resistance and other weak corrosive media and acids, alkalis, salts and other chemical erosion corrosion of steel. Also known as stainless and acid-resistant steels. In practice, often weak corrosion-resistant steel known as stainless steel, corrosion and chemical resistance of...
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