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Tube type (also known as the shell and tube type, tube type) heat exchanger is a recuperative heat exchanger is the most typical, its application in the industry has a long history, and is still in all occupy the dominant position of the heat exchanger. Tube type heat exchanger which mainly comprises a shell, Guan Shu, tube plate and the head part, a rounded, with internal parallel Guan Shu, Guan Shu are fixed at both ends of the tube plate.

The basic concept:

In two kinds of fluid pipe type heat exchanger heat exchange in, a flow in the tube, the tube side of the trip is called; a flow in the tube, the trip is called shell. The wall is the tube bundle heat transfer surface. In order to improve the fluid outside the pipe heat transfer coefficient, usually baffle flow in horizontal fold to a certain number of installed in the shell. Baffle plate can not only prevent the fluid circuit, increasing fluid velocity, forcing fluid according to the prescribed path repeatedly cross flow through tube bundles, the turbulence degree increased. Baffle commonly lack of a round shape and disc type two kinds, the former is more widespread. The fluid in the pipe bundle each through a known as a tube, each by the shell once called a shell. In order to improve the speed of the fluid in the pipe, can set an appropriate partition at both ends in the head, all pipe is divided into a plurality of groups of average. Thus, fluid can be every time through only part of the tube bundle repeatedly back and forth, called multi tube. Similarly, in order to improve the flow outside the pipe, can be installed in the casing longitudinal baffle plate so that the fluid through the housing space times, chindu shell. The tube type heat exchanger, because of the difference of the inner and outer fluid temperature, the shell and the control of temperature are also different.

SA192 U Tubes Heat Exchanger and Shell Tubes

U tube heat exchanger is the heat exchange tube Weicheng U shape, two ends are fixed on the same tube plate. Because the shell and tube heat exchanger of separate heat pipe bundle, free expansion, will not produce Wen Chaying force due to the medium temperature. U shaped tube heat exchanger is only a piece of tube plate, no floating structure is relatively simple. Control can be free extraction and loading, convenient cleaning, has the advantages of floating head type heat exchanger, but because the heat pipe is made into SA192 U Tubes Heat Exchanger and Shell Tubes, the outermost layer of heat exchange tube can be replaced after damaged, other pipe damage only plugging. At the same time, it compared with the fixed tube plate heat exchanger tube bundle, due to the center part of heat exchange tube bending radius limits its existence gap, fluid is easy to go short, affect the heat transfer effect.

The present situation:

Tube type heat exchanger because of their special tubular structures difficult to clean thoroughly, affect the majority of enterprises and individuals in heat exchanger fouling and cleaning process is still stuck in the machine, high pressure water, chemical pickling and destructive process and the concept of “traditional”; but simply that the equipment cleaning only in severe influences the production will consider, which I do not know the scale formation in the continuous impact on energy consumption of enterprises, devouring the profits of enterprises.SA213 U Tubes for Boilers and Heat Exchangers, in order to reduce the cost of a single cleaning, chose a cleaning method of damage and corrosion to equipment and equipment caused by scrap and production of stagnation, paid more than cleaning agent with high several hundreds even thousands times the price. For example, a cement group, heat exchanger using oxalic acid cleaning, each cleaning time dare not more than 2 hours, because the cleaning is not thorough enough, so cleaning time by a year changed the previous to the present three times a year, an increase of production downtime two times, indirectly, to the enterprise caused a loss.

At present, all the countries in the full development of environmentally friendly cleaning technology, in order to reduce energy consumption, choke on the environment destruction. 1st-TECH cleaning technology abroad is walking in the international first column in cleaning.