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Factory Good Quality  Factory Price

                  Annealing Furnace                                                        Cold Drawn Machine      

Factory Widely Used  Factory Professional

              Cold Drawn Production workshop                                   Cold Drawn Workshop              

Factory Professional  Factory Low Price

                                                                                                                       Cold Rolling Production                                               Cold Rolling Workshop

Factory In China  Factory Widely Used

                Cutting and Packing workshop                                              Drawing Tools

Factory Picture  Factory Picture

                     ET and UT testing workshop                                    Heat Treatment Furnace

Factory Best Price  Factory Warranty

                              Heating Facility                                            Heating Furnace Facility

Factory Low Price  Factory Best Price

                       Heating Furnace                                                                    Lubrication

Factory Warranty  Factory High Efficiency

                                  NDT test                                                                    Pickling  

Factory Supplier

                                                            Straightening Machine       

Factory Good Quality  Factory Professional Manufacturer

                Chemical Composition Test                                               Chemical Test

Factory Professional  Factory For sale

                         Chemical Testing                                                Computer Record for testing result

 Factory Customized  Factory Manufacturer
Hardness Test                                                          Impact Test 

 Factory Supplier  Factory Warranty

                  Portable Chemical Analyzing                                                    Tensile Test

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Tel : 0086-574-88255925
Fax : 0086-574-88086983
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