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Boiler & Heat Exchanger Steel Tubes

Home » Products » Boiler & Heat Exchanger Steel Tubes » JIS G3467 Carbon Steel Seamless Tube For Boilers And Heat Exchangers

JIS G3467 Carbon Steel Seamless Tube For Boilers And Heat Exchangers
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    JIS G3467 Carbon Steel Seamless Tube For Boilers And Heat Exchangers

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JIS G3467 Carbon Steel Seamless Tube For Boilers And Heat Exchangers


In the field of industrial applications, boilers and heat exchangers play a vital role in various processes. They are responsible for efficiently transferring heat from one medium to another. To ensure optimal performance and longevity of these critical components, it is essential to use high-quality materials. One such material that is widely used for the manufacturing of such tubes is carbon steel. The JIS G3467 standard provides specifications for carbon steel seamless tubes specifically designed for boilers and heat exchangers. This article explores the material, key features, chemical composition, mechanical properties, steel grades, applications, and possible alternative grades of JIS G3467 carbon steel tubes.


Material and Specification
The JIS G3467 standard specifies seamless carbon steel tubes used in high-temperature and high-pressure applications, such as boilers and heat exchangers. These tubes are designed to withstand extreme conditions and provide efficient heat transfer. The material used in these tubes is carbon steel, which offers excellent mechanical properties and thermal conductivity.


Key Features
The JIS G3467 carbon steel seamless tubes for boilers and heat exchangers exhibit several significant features, including:
1.High Temperature Resistance: These tubes can withstand high temperatures, making them suitable for applications involving the transfer of hot fluids.
2.Pressure Resistance: They are capable of withstanding high pressure, ensuring safe and reliable operation.
3.Corrosion Resistance: The carbon steel used in these tubes is resistant to corrosion, enhancing the durability and longevity of the tubes.
4.Seamless Construction: The tubes are manufactured through seamless processes, resulting in a smooth inner surface that facilitates efficient heat transfer and minimizes pressure losses.


Chemical Composition

Element Chemical Composition (% by weight)
Carbon (C) 0.13 - 0.20
Silicon (Si) 0.10 - 0.60
Manganese (Mn) 0.30 - 0.80
Phosphorus (P) 0.035 (max)
Sulfur (S) 0.035 (max)


Mechanical Properties

Property Mechanical Properties
Tensile Strength 520 - 640 MPa
Yield Strength 295 - 415 MPa
Elongation 28% (min)
Hardness (HB) 143 (max)


Steel Grade
JIS G3467 carbon steel seamless tubes are available in various steel grades, ensuring suitability for different applications and operating conditions. Some commonly used steel grades include:
• STF410
• STF480
• STFA410
• STFA25
• STFA26
• STBA25
• STBA26


The JIS G3467 carbon steel seamless tubes find extensive use in boilers, heat exchangers, and other high-temperature and high-pressure applications. They are widely employed in industries such as power generation, petrochemical, chemical, and refineries. These tubes enable efficient heat transfer, helping to achieve optimal performance and energy efficiency in the heating and cooling systems.


Possible Alternative Grades
While JIS G3467 carbon steel seamless tubes are widely used in various applications, there are also alternative grades available in the market. Some possible alternative grades to consider include:
• ASTM A192: Standard Specification for Seamless Carbon Steel Boiler Tubes for High-Pressure Service.
• ASTM A210: Standard Specification for Seamless Medium-Carbon Steel Boiler and Superheater Tubes.
• DIN 17175: Seamless tubes of heat-resistant steels - Technical delivery conditions.
Before selecting an alternative grade, it is essential to consider the specific requirements of the application, including temperature, pressure, and operational constraints.

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