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Seamless Precision Steel Tubes

Home » Products » Seamless Precision Steel Tubes » SAE J524 hydraulic DOM Seamless Tubing

SAE J524 hydraulic DOM Seamless Tubing
  • The name :

    SAE J524 hydraulic DOM Seamless Tubing

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  • Quick Detail:
    Technical Standard: SAE J524 Seamless Steel Tubing
    J524 Seamless Low Carbon Steel Tubing Annealed for Bending and Flaring
    SAE J524 Seamless Cold Drawn Precision Steel Tube for Vehicle
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Quick Detail:
Technical Standard:  SAE J524 Seamless Steel Tubing                          
J524 Seamless Low Carbon Steel Tubing Annealed for Bending and Flaring        
SAE J524 Seamless Cold Drawn Precision Steel Tube for Vehicle
Size range for SAE J524 hydraulic tubing:
L: According to customer Order    
Applications:  for Bending and Flaring to auto parts        

Manufacture for J524 tubing:
The tubing is cold drawn size and after forming shall be annealed in such a manner as  to produce finished product which meet the SAE J524 requirement and customer's requirement.



Nominal Tubing OD mm      Tolerance  ±mm
Up to 25.4 0.1
Over 25.4 to 38.1 inclusive 0.15
Over 38.1 to 50.8 inclusive 0.2
Over 50.8 to 88.9 inclusive 0.25
WT tolerance shall be not more than 10%


Tubing made from low-carbon steel confirming to the following chemical composition.

  Element    %
  Carbon   0.18 max
  Manganese   0.30  to 0.60
  Phosphpris   0.040 max
  Sulfur   0.050 max


The finished tubing have mechanical properties of following table:

  Properties   Value
  Yield Strength,min   170 Mpa
  Ultimate Strenth,min   310 Mpa
  Elongation in 50mm, min   30%
  Hardness ( Rockwell B),max   65.00





Lengths of finished tubing is reasonably straight and have smooth ends free from burrs.
Tubing is free from scale and injurious defects and have a workmanlike finish.
Surface imperfections such as handling marks, die marks, or shallow pits shall not be considered injurious
defects provided the imperfections are within the tolerance specified for diameter and wall thickness.
The removal of such surface imperfections is not required.
The finished tubing satisfactorily meet the following performance tests in SAE J1677
Flattening test
Flaring test
Reverse Flattening test
Expansion Test
Hardness Test
Tensile Test
Elongation Test
Pressure Proof Test
SAE J409    Product Analysis - Permissible Variations from Specified Chemical Analysis of a Heat or Cast
                      Cast of Steel
SAE J1677  Test and Procedures for Steel and Copper Nickel Tubing
SAE J514    Hydraulic Tube Fittings
SAE J533    Flares for Tubing
SAE J1065  Norminal Reference Working Pressure for Steel Hydraulic Tubing
SAE J1453  Fitting - O Ring Face Seal
SAE J2551  Recommended Practices for Fluid Conductor Metallic Tubing Applications
SAE J2592  Carbon Steel Tubing for General Use - Understanding Nondestructive Testing for Carbon
                     Steel Tubing
SAE J2658  Metallic Tube Conductor Assemblies for Fluid Power and General Use - Test Methods
                      for Hydraulic Fluid Power Metallic Tube Assemblies

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