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What is 100Cr6 material grade?

Date: 2023-04-03      Hits:

100Cr6 is a high carbon chromium bearing steel with a composition of approximately 1% carbon and 1.5% chromium. It is also known as AISI 52100 in the United States and JIS SUJ2 in Japan.

This material grade is commonly used in the manufacture of bearings, roller bearings, and ball bearings due to its excellent hardness, wear resistance, and fatigue strength. Additionally, it has good dimensional stability, high thermal conductivity, and low thermal expansion, making it an ideal material for high-precision applications.

The name "100Cr6" is derived from its composition, where "100" refers to the approximate percentage of carbon in the steel, and "Cr6" refers to the approximate percentage of chromium. It is a widely used and well-established material grade in the bearing industry.

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